Berkeley Lake Elementary School, BLES, which opened in 1983, has a student population (08/11) of approximately 1,131. The staff totals 138.

BLES is a Kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school.  BLES is a member of the Duluth Cluster.  All students attending BLES will attend Duluth Middle School and Duluth High School.  The Cluster Concept has wide appeal to both parents and students who can look forward to remaining in the same cluster throughout their school career.

Mission Statement

To provide learning experiences in a secure and stimulating environment where every child can develop to his/her fullest potential academically, socially, and emotionally.

Vision Statement

BLES is a positive safe, nurturing environment that fosters respect among all students, teachers, parents and community members while forwarding world-class achievement that successfully maximizes each student’s individual potential through engaging instruction.

We believe…

  • that every child can learn.
  • that every child has a special gift or talent and it’s an educator’s job to help them find it.
  • that learning should be fun.
  • that every educator, parent and child should have high expectations for each child.
  • that it is our job to create thinkers.
  • that to earn respect, you must give respect.
  • that being positive is important and contagious.
  • that a physically and educationally safe environment is essential so that students are able to maximize their learning.
  • that every child “belongs” to every faculty member.
  • that if you expect the best, you often get it.
  • that students thrive on structure and routine.
  • that engaging meaningful work and making cross-curricular connections are important.
  • that collaboration and communication are keys to supporting our children’s education.

School Mascot, Colors, Motto, and Song

Mascot – Berkeley Bear

School Color – Purple

School Motto – Where Kids Come First

School Song – written by the 1993 5th graders in celebration of Berkeley Lake’s 10th birthday:

On the threshold of dear Berkeley,
We the students stand,
Working through our goals together,
Always hand in hand.
Loyal ever this we promise
Always will be true.
Cheers to you, our own fair school
Berkeley we love you!


School Office: 770 446-0947

Address: 4300 South Berkeley Lake Road, Duluth, Georgia 30096